Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 12, 2016

Sounds like a week of fun!!! jajaja. I miss working up there at the shabin. It will be so weird to show up and a lot will be done... it's going to be way different jajaja. But oh well. I guess it's the life of a missionary :) That's good to hear football is going good. I honestly didn't think that it would be going so well. 

GRANDPA AND GRANDMA HAKES ARE  MOVING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

i did not expect that at all.... wow. i am going to be so lost when i get home... jajjaja. i knew how to get there blindfolded. but, oh well. If it's better for them that makes me happy :) But that will be way weird having family parties... You'll have to all have one last Hakes party in the house  and take pics so  we all have memories of the house in fiesta!! jajajaj. 

This week has been a fun one. We found a couple of people who lived in the USA but are from argentina. They went to the U S for a couple of years and then came back. So I practiced my English a little. One of the people was a lady called Lorena. She is a traductor here in Argentina. She was correcting my English because I talked in bad grammar..... jajjajaja. I never thought that that would happen to me in the mission. People are now correcting more of my English than Spanish!!! jajaja. I think I might be in trouble when I get back but oh well. I have a long time until I need to think about that. But it was interesting to find so many people from Argentina who have gone to the US. They were way good people and way nice too. 

We have a couple lessons set for this week!! We'll have to see what happens there :) Did you get the fotos of the baptism of Yolanda? I hope so!! jaja. This week we also participates in an Open house of the church. Capill Abierta. It was in Estanzuela. We went and basically did a tour of the church and explaining the basics of the church!! It was way cool!! It was kind of like the visitors center of the temples where the hermanas do a tour. Same thing basically. We didn't have a lot of success because they only gave a one weeks notice to that ward and they scrambled to get it all ready but I think the next ones will be better. They have a facebook page where they are going to put all the pictures of us there. So check out Capilla Abiertas Misión Mendoza Argentina, Capilla Abiertas de Mendoza y San Juan or something similar to those 2 ideas. I don't remember how it was exactly but it should be easy to find?? Let me know if you find it and if there are any good pics :) The one they are going to do in Lujan is in December so I dont think I'll be here.. I hope my next area will have it! 

We just had traslados and I am going to stay another one here so 6 weeks más!!! WOOT WOOT!! This ward is way cool. I love it. They are working hard to help us and it's awesome. We are having success for the help of the members like I have been telling you guys the last couple weeks. 

I hope you guys are all  doing great that you are working hard and having fun. 

Love you guys a ton!! 

Keep safe!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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