Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 10, 2016

That is still weird for me that Grandma and Grandpa Hakes moved.... I can't believe that.... Service is the best thing in the world :) Mosiah 2-4 :)  

Shabin!!!!!!!!!! It's the best the shabin times...

We had a fun week!! We wrote late today because we had a zone activity in Potrerios!! I did burgers asado for the whole zone and we chilled close to the lake and took photos!! It was way fun!!! We brought the rugby ball :) and I took a couple videos.  E. Castillo used a member's guitar and they played some songs and sang a little. It was way fun!!! I hope everyone liked it!! Today is a holiday... they have a holiday for anything in the world... jajajja. I don't know what today is.... but we have struggled to find a cyber. We were almost going to have to pass it over to tomorrow. but we found a gas station that had a cyber so here we are now :) But it's been a good week. We did another Open Church this week. It wasn't very successful because the members did not support it very much.... but we hope the next one they will help us out. We had a tormenta blanca too so it was kind of busy... jajja. but it's better than being bored haha. Oh yeah! We had intercambios with the assistants too. so that was good. they work very well. So that was cool to see their example. I learned a couple things I could fix and try to do better. We found a lot of people. We walked pretty far to find some people and they were very receptive. now they just have to get baptized ;) jajajaja. 

These past couple weeks I have learned a lot from Mosiah. I have been loving reading his stories and learning. I'm in the chapters with Abinadi right now. It has been very interesting some of the things he writes. He accuses the Sacerdotes for teaching things that they don't do. He Said that they teach the commandments but they aren't in the hearts of them. And I thought about that. Do I have the commandments in my heart? Is it a burden or a blessing for me to do his will and keep the commandments? and I can say that it is a blessing to live the commandments of God. I don't look at them as a burden but a blessing to learn to become more like Christ and God are. They are blessing and opportunities to know who God is. Because we will be doing what he does and we will see the blessings from it. I know that it is a blessing to live his commandments. I love the opportunity to live them. I hope that you guys too can look at them in this way and if they aren't that way for you that you make goals to make them that way in your lives. I know that this is the Only true church on the earth today. And that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. That he translated the Book of Mormon and restored Christ's church again on the earth. I encourage any of you who are wavering in your testimony of him to kneel and ask God if he was a prophet. I know he will give you your answer and that you will know that he was the prophet who restored the Church again today. I know these things are true and I leave them with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you guys and have a great week!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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