Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 17, 2016

Sounds like a fun week!! jajaja. October break never seems to be a break jajaja. but that's okay. 

That's crazy that Brent and Carlee have been asked to speak so much at church!!!! Who would want Brent to talk so much to them???? jajajajja. I'm sure he feels like he's in the mission again and is loving it. Hope they all go well. How are those 2?? I sent a email to them a while ago... nothing happened there but that's okay jajaja

Turkey run??? I can't believe you, Emily, Carlee and Annessa want to run in the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. That should be fun for the 4 turkeys that are going to do it!! ;) jajaja

That's cool that David's office is letting you go in and help them out. I'm sure they are loving a little extra help. 

Okay. If you could ask Joe my questions this week that'd be cool. I just have been thinking about what I want to do when I get home and I was thinking about being a pediatrician. But I wanted to see what would be better for me school wise or if it really matters or makes a difference between the two. Like if there's a way that I can make the studying part shorter that type of thing. 

It's been a good week!! We are preparing for a baptism and mini MTC for the ward this Saturday!! so it's kind of crazy and we have a ton of work to do but who doesn't like to work hard right??? We are going to give everyone little placas to use so they are like us jaja. We now have 7 ward missionaries to work with and we are way excited for that!! It's time to work work work. Like Papa always says. Traslados are this week. We will see if I go or stay. I have a lot of time so who knows... hopefully I stay so I can be here for my birthday and work all the ward missionaries we now have... but the Lord will lead us in what we must do. We went to the lake and that was way fun!! I ended up cooking the burgers and everyone went off to play but hey, whatcha gonna do... well me and my comp but I did the burgers and he was there to watch jajja. Oh well. We had tons of fun though. It wasnt as green this time in Potrerios. But that's okay. Supposedly in a couple weeks it'll get green again. Who knows??? Hope everyone is doing good. I'm just enjoying the work and the fun of the mission :) Can't look at the negatives. 

Hope everyone is doing good and having fun. 

Love you guys a ton. 

Keep safe and have a great week!!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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