Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 9, 2017

WHAT???  Jennie and Joe are cold in Wyoming???  Hey!! that sounds terrible -62 degrees.... how do you even work with that... jaja. 

It's been pretty hot here. But that's okay. It's strong the sun but we are working hard anyways :) 

I was thinking it would be awesome to do a family trip to the church history sites :) Maybe family reunión?? ;) 

It's been a good week here!! Well, tough but good. We had tons of lessons planned but almost all of them fell through this week so lots of knocking doors... but we had 2 people show up to church out of nowhere. They were there in the entry and we went to go and talk to them to see if they were the Sister missionaries investigators. Nope. They live in our area and wanted to go to church. So we brought them in treating them like new investigators. They went to all the classes and then asked if they could have a meeting with the Bishop.. I was like, how does he know there is a bishop here...? So they had a meeting with the Branch President and we got their direction to pass by another day for their house. Turns out one of them is inactive member jajaja. The other is an  investigator!! Jaja. They told us that they had gone to La Favorita. They told me where they lived and I remembered exactly where they were talking about. It was very interesting :) God sends us blessing after we show our willingness to follow him. I understood that a little better yesterday :)  Way cool experience. We also had entrevistas with the president last week. That went well. 

And now time for a hard week of work before traslados!! Not sure what will happen with me... I guess we'll see this week. 

Hope all is going well with you guys. 

I haven't heard of any missionary experiences these past 2 weeks..... Maybe I'll have to start something of I don't respond if you guys don't send me an experience you had every week :) 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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