Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 16, 2017

Sounds like some good advice from President Hiatt :)  ((Our stake president here in Mesa invited us all to read the Book of Mormon for 20 minutes each day.)  It really does change the way you see things in the world. I love the studies. Even though we couldn't do them today... We had to come to Mendoza at 7:30 to do 4-5 hours of tramites to take out a packet of like 8.8 lbs.... 4 different places to pay and do different paperwork... I was dying.... I hate sitting... and now we have an hour and a half bus ride back to Tupungato. 

I am staying another traslado!! It's possible that the next traslado I go and train a new missionary but we'll see what happens :) I am just happy because we have lots of work and baptism planned for February and now I will be here to see them!!! Lots of work :) We have been full with our agendas. No time to spare. But it's way better that way because it means that I don't have to knock as many doors. I just walk on in the other doors :) I am going to be a witness to a wedding jajaja. fun stuff :) 

I completed 18 months in the mission yesterday... I don't feel like I have that time... I feel like I am a new missionary.. But what are ya going to do... time keeps passing and sometimes I don't know where it runs off too... I don't know what to talk about. 

This last week we found a new investigator for service that we did. Good old shovel and wheelbarrow :) Some of my best friends :) We moved a lot of dirt. I almost passed by but then we decided to stop and help. Ee didn't want help, but I grabbed the shovel anyway and started filling the wheelbarrow. He ended up leaving me be and letting me do my specialty with my best friends :) jajaja. He ended up giving us a gift... a bottle of wine...... we told him that we don't drink it and that it was okay. He didn't need to give us anything but they were going to get offended so we took it with us. So now we have a full bottle of wine in the pench... I think I am going to bring it home as a souvenir now jajaja. But it's been fun. Now we are teaching them and they have lots of questions and dudas(doubts) of the plan of Salvation so we are helping them out with that. It's been great. I think Sandra added me on facebook. You can add her. But it's been a fun week. Lots of work and lots of heat jajaja. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!! I am glad to hear from mom and her experience that she had in the missionary work. I would love to hear from the others too in how they are going with their missionary work!!! Keep safe!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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