Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2, 2017

Hows everything going?? Good I hope!! It was awesome to be there and talk to the family. It was way weird. It was the first time that I did skype and I felt like I was at home with all of you guys. Jace is so big.... Macey too.... it is so crazy.... I can't believe that they grow so much... in so little time!!

Well this last week has been super crazy. We were in mendoza for leadership council Monday until Tuesday in the afternoon. We worked all Wednesday. Thursday we had weekly planning an then we had to go to Tunuyan. My comp also was super sick that day. We went to lunch. he ate 3 little potatoes like way way little. and a fork of noodles and a cup of juice. We left and at one block he had thrown up 3 times...We then got to the pench and he slept until we went to Tunuyan to do a baptismal interview. Friday in the morning Zone meeting. Then that afternoon the baptism. Saturday we only worked until 6 in the afternoon for safety reasons. (everyone drinks A TON) Flia. Leguiza gave us a pollo to cook and 2 dozen empanadas to eat... jajjaa. Way good food!! Never cooked a pollo but it turned out good!! We did it in the oven. :) We went to bed before New Years. It wasnt something way important for us.. And Sunday was normal work jajaj. so that was the whole semana basically. :)

The week before we did white elephant exchange. Finished the radio. and off to work this week!! Interviews and exchanges with the assistants this week!! Should be fun!! 

Hope everyone is going good!! Love you guys a ton. 

Also, I would love to hear what missionary work you have done this week?? :) See ya next week!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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