Friday, January 15, 2016

January 4, 2016

How's awesome possum mama this week?? I'm doing great! It was awesome to see you guys and talk to you in skype!! I almost cried once but left the rest of that for you and Emily because I know you guys can cry enough for the 3 of us ;) hahaha. Not gonna lie, it was crazy to see all the Christmas trees and lights and everything set up in the house. Here they have like no lights and some people have trees.. A bit different eh? haha. 

Lets see... New Years we celebrated with 4 other elders from the district. Elder Perez, Elder Nuñez, Elder Piedra, and Elder White!! It was way fun!! We made an asado and some Russian salad with some Coca Cola!! We just ate played games, watched fireworks and then went to bed! It was way chill!! Kinda miss throwing fireworks... It's kinda fun to do that but I guess some elders almost burned down a pench or something, so this year we couldn't have them. It's all good thought because we had a good week anyways!! 

We were helping our investigators Antonio and Jenifer Benitez build their house this week. I got sunburned pretty bad... hahha. I'll have to send you that photo.  I think it will bring back memories to the time we went to California and then I came back a lobster! haha. But we have almost everything done to fill with concrete and then start laying bricks. Then we got the rest of the house to build. We can only build a part of it now and the rest later. But they are an awesome family. They told us this past week "thank you for coming to our house, since you guys came here there has been a peace between us and we feel a lot better. We talk a lot more now than we ever had in our time together. Thank you so much" Jenifer said that and Antonio didn't really say much but he prayed at the end and in his prayer said basically the same thing!! It was Awesome!!! :) :) we were so happy to hear that from them!!

It really is amazing to see the difference just a little bit of the gospel can do in the lives of people. I think it is a lot harder for us as members of all of our lives to see and feel this difference because we are used to it but when someone who has never heard the true gospel in all of their life and then start to listen to a bit of it, it changes them. And it is amazing to see this in the lives of these two people Jenifer and Antonio. 

I encourage you guys to look for the blessings that the gospel has given you in your lives in the last 2 weeks. or month. I know that you can find some because I have too. 

I love you guys. Have and amazing week and I hope everyone had a Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

I finished  reading
the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!!

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