Friday, January 15, 2016

January 11, 2016

It's been a rain filled week here too! hahah. That's kinda funny that it was the same thing as over there seeing as we are in opposite seasons.. But it was way nice. Rained in the night and morning and then clouds all day. So we didn't get sunburnt  :) We'll see how this week goes with the weather! That's awesome that you guys got to go play in the snow this week!! Looks like a couple feet worth? Also you guys made a snowman!! That's pretty dope ;) hahaha. I don't even remember the last time I used that word.... I think it has been a while..... Glad to here good old grandma Dani lyn Hakes got out on the sled!! Where did you guys go down the hill?? and did you buy sleds?? Everyone here thought that the pic.....with the cut out me from the wedding was real too, like I was actually there hahaha. 

**** I asked Ryan how I can teach the young women at church to make Christ the center of their life.

How to make Christ the center of their life... I think it all starts with faith in Him. If they really want to put him in their lives they need to have faith in him and gain a testimony of Him. That he is their Savior. That he came to this Earth, 2016 years ago, to pay for every one of their sins. He didn't leave out one of their sins, but every little sin. Once they realize how important that is they can have a much easier time putting him as the center of their lives. Prayer is an easy way to do that. Like it says in 2nd Nephi 32:8 ask him before you do something to know if this action will benefit you in your life. But I think the most powerful is the testimony because when someone has a REAL testimony of the Savior, they will do everything to follow him. And it doesn't have to be someone big with the best faith and testimony in the world. He uses the people who are small to bring big things to pass. He took fishers who knew little if nothing of the gospel and helped them change into Apostles and prophets. Imagine what he can do with someone who already knows the gospel and is willing to follow him? 

I don't know if that helped... I kinda just started rambling I think but I hope it helps. Remind them to do the basics (scriptures, prayer, keep commandments...) because you can't build a roof if you haven't built the floor, the walls, and the rest of the structure first. 

If that didn't really answer the question tell me and I'll try to re answer it :)

What are my goals for 2016?... I want to finish the New Testament in Spanish. I am also trying to mark all my scriptures according to the different lessons to help me if I need a scripture in the second of a lesson. Not sure what else. Help everyone come unto Christ. But I think that ones a bit obvious... hahaha :) I haven't thought much in my goals yet. I'll think some more and if you ask me next week again I'll let you know.

It's been amazing to see the Lord's hand in the mission field. He helped us find a new family this last week who are awesome! And something that almost never happens but has happened with this family is THEY ARE MARRIED!!!! It is such a blessing when they are married because they know that the law of Chastity is true or they wouldn't have got married. Well they don't know that its this commandment but they know that marriage is important. It's been awesome getting to know them and helping them learn more about the gospel. I can see a little of a change in their eyes. Like they are a little more happy. It's awesome how the spirit can work in peoples lives. It can be like a fingerprint that is so small but that fingerprint can make a huge difference in the life of people. I hope that you guys can look for these fingerprints in your lives like I'm sure Tara Cummins invited you guys to do. It is so true. If we don't look for them they will pass us by.

I love you guys and hope everyone is safe and having a good old life in the states. Have an awesome week and dont forget to look for those fingerprints! :) 

Con amor,

Elder Hakes

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