Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

Hey mom!!!! 

Sorry I can't send pictures again this week because I don't have time. We only have like 30 or 40 minutes because I just found out I leave to San Luis to become a legal citizen or something. So, I leave in less than 2 hours and will be there until Thursday. It's kinda crazy!! 

Okay, so a few fun stories I had this week. So, me and my companion were sitting in the bus. I was next to the window and he was in the aisle next to people who were standing. We were sitting there and it starts to smell terrible, I mean really terrible. Then this lady asks me to open the window. She was standing right next to my companion and it smelt BAD, so Igladly opened it. So the reason it smelled terrible is the lady crapped her pants on the bus. And she had diarrhea and so it was on the bus floor too. She used like a newspaper to clean the ground!!! It was CRAZY!!!! hahha. 

I can understand the language a lot better now. I pick up like 25% of  what happens so that's good! haha. I can speak a lot more fluidly too. It was awesome yesterday we were teaching a woman who we just found and apparently the missionaries had taught her a long time ago but never again. We are going to look through the area book and find out because she seems like a snake. (A snake is a girl who takes lessons because she likes the missionaries and wants a missionary to take her back to the states. or wants to date us kinda thing. ) Anyways, when we were talking I could talk about all the things that I wanted too and IN SPANISH!! It was amazing. Gift of tongues is awesome. 

Oh and another story....this was yesterday too. We had a lunch appointment set up with Hermana Chandia who is the mother of the mission leader in the ward. It was the mission leader's birthday and so she invited us over for dinner with her and him for his birthday and to eat lunch with them. We showed up 30 minutes late because we thought we had more money on our bus cards than we did. So we had to go put more money on it then go to lunch..... Anywho, we show up and none of the food is ready. They hadn't started the chicken or anything. Then, one of the mission leader's friends or brother wanted to talk to me in English and so we were sitting there talking in English and his broken English. It wasn't entirely horrible, but it wasn't great haha. Then it is getting closer to the food being done and all these people start showing up. I think it was his whole family because there was like 15 of us and children. It was crazy. So we ate chicken, salad, and the potato crab egg salad, and bread. It was all really good but we needed to go to study because we were already way way late. Then Hermana Chandia pulled out a karaoke and started singing. Then a daughter tried to sing it was fun and awesome! She tried to sing over the rainbow, but then they thought it would be awesome to hear the big gringo ginger sing over the rainbow. So sure enough, I had to sing over the rainbow with the music and their whole family cheering me to do it. I did not want to, but I did anyways haha. Looking back on it now it was kinda fun but in the moment it was not cool at all haha!! We left after I sang but it was the weirdest fast Sunday I had ever had haha. Very different. We fast for the dinner on Saturday and breakfast in the morning which is very different too. 

Siesta throws off everything too. We study half an hour until 8 30 and then 8 30 to 9 30 for companion then to work. Return to pench and eat at 1ish then study 30 min for personal study at 2 30. then 3 to 4 is 12 semanas which are to help me be able to train an elder in 12 weeks, then 4 to 5 to do study of language. then work and regresar to pench at 8 30. Good stuff!!! haha. 

In San Juan they wake up at 7 30 and in bed at 11 30 which is way different haha. It's a little crazy here.During summer I guess it changes again too. Still trying to figure everything out but some day it will be like the back of my hand. 

Sorry to everyone else, I can't email long this week but next week I'll make sure to email all you guys back!! 

Love you guys and hope all is going good!! You guys are awesome and can do anything with the help of the Lord. When you feel down and like no one cares remember that god does. DyC 18 10. 

Love you guys and I'll talk to you all next week!! :)

Con amor, 
Elder Hakes

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